Network Audio

Everyday company announcements + intruder alert audio

Network audio adds value to your video-based security system as an audio platform for regular business operation announcements in addition to security event-related audio.

You can proactively deter crime by responding immediately to intrusions with remote-controlled prerecorded messages informing potential offenders and loiterers that they are being monitored.

At the same time network audio is a great tool for supporting your normal business operations, such as paging, public address, advertising and background music.

You can deliver reminders and instructions to groups of people on your premises, including targeting different zones with unique messaging.

Also use prerecorded or live messages to deliver crucial safety information and instructions regularly and/or during emergencies.

Turn Key Security Solutions will install user-friendly Axis® software for you to easily manage everything your network audio system is capable of. It comes embedded in network speakers or as a standalone unit, so it's simple to grow your network as your business needs change.

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