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Alarm systems have been around for decades, making the deep experience at Turn Key Security Solutions a crucial ingredient in understanding the pros and cons of various systems and designing an appropriate solution for your business.

Whether installing a new alarm system, or looking to upgrade an existing one, you can be sure you’re making smart choices when you work with our team.

Understanding the “big picture” allows us to confidently recommend a solution that reflects your needs now and in the future, including taking advantage of any existing security equipment. We won’t needlessly replace technology for features you will never use. At the same time, we are fully capable of giving you the highest level of security and convenience available.

We're Experts in Alarm solutions from industry leaders

At Turn Key Security Solutions we specialize in installing alarms systems from some of the world’s most established and extensive brands: DSC (Digital Security Controls) and AJAX. Hardwired or wireless, one entrance or dozens, we’ve got you covered with a complete range of products and capabilities.

hardwired/wireless systems

Choose between DSC or AJAX panels whose basic difference is the number of zones available. These systems are highly customizable, expandable, and upgradeable systems

wireless systems

The main feature that sets Alexor apart from other wireless systems is that it features a separate main board from the keypad. This allows you to place the main board in a central location and then add wireless keypads at entrances or other useful locations.

The next all wireless system is the Impassa. This is an all-in-one alarm panel with everything from the keypad to sounder built into the main panel. The latest firmware version is compatible with and their interactive services offering (which we also offer).

DCS Touch

DSC’s newest all-in-one wireless panel is the DSC Touch. It has a vibrant, 7-inch LCD touch screen with an incredibly user-friendly menu-driven interface. A built-in Z-Wave controller helps you create a truly smart building. A built-in communicator gives you the option of using their awesome remote interactive services.

Built for today, and tomorrow

DSC alarm systems, especially the PowerSeries line, are very modular and upgradeable. They make many accessories and modules to meet the demands of a wide variety of site and customer specific criteria.

Every feature you can imagine, with quality advice

In addition to the DSC brand, we carry some compatible third-party products, such as sirens, various detectors and remote-control key fobs, so that anything you've heard of and want, we can do!

Give us a call, or send an email with your questions and learn first-hand how the knowledge and service difference that is Turn Key Security Solutions can be the solution for your security needs.

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